The smarter working manifesto

Title: “The smarter working manifesto

Author: Guy Clapperton and Philip Vanhoutte

Publisher: Sunmakers

Edition: 1.0

ISBN: 9781908693174

When, Where and How do you work best? Is the the question that this book wants to promote, and it offers some help to find the correct answer. Some interesting points in the book are:
Leesman index to measure and benchmark the working space
– meetingitis “an excessive propensity to hold unnecessary meetings”
– acoustic intelligence and the four acoustic C spaces (Concentrate, Collaborate, Concentrate and Communicate)
– BYOD, BYOA… and the rest of BYOX
Every chapter has a final section that includes action points for profesionals and for managers to give practical details.

As a Plantronics Distributor I knew quite well the Plantronics use case but I miss more use cases specially in the small and medium business space.

As I red the book with an important time lapse and I have a lot of Plantronics headset to sell in Spain I have decided to read the spanish version to see if I can sign the manifesto.

smarter working manifesto

smarter working manifesto

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